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Why I Donate: Ben

Here at Haiti Scholarships, we think it's important to highlight not only our students, but also those individuals that help us do what we do. Ben has been a frequent supporter of Haiti Scholarships, and we can't thank him enough for that! We asked Ben why he chooses to support organizations (Ben supports many other great causes, not only with his hard earned money, but also with his time), and here's his response:

"I have been blessed to have seen much of the world in my 29 years on this planet. In the US Navy, as a small part of All Hands Volunteers: Project Leogane in Haiti, I have seen that there are people who need real help, and at some point all of us will be in a position to help and need help. That help could take the form of a smile, a hand up, an opened door, or in some cases some really heavy lifting. Through all of this, the one thing that I am absolutely sure of is that we are better when we come together. When we actively help each other, our community and our world transform to something better than what was before... Something beautiful.
I do what I can. I am not rich and I am not influential, so I volunteer and give what I can when I can. And you know what? Often times I've gained so much compared with what I've given. The feeling that comes with doing good is special, and it's totally free.
When I see groups like Haiti Scholarships spending their energies on causes that help people help themselves, I want to be a part of that. They are making his a better world, and I am so grateful to be allowed to be a small part of their program. I have lived, worked, and sweated with the people of Haiti, and they are good, strong, and willing to work. Helping the people of Haiti gain the education necessary for them to leverage their talents is the single most important thing we can do next to creating and supporting jobs. I am thankful for the opportunities to help in my own small way to make this a better world."

Thanks for sharing, Ben!

Why do you support great causes? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page or email us:

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