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Why I Donate: Laura Burns

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Our monthly donors are our biggest asset: they provide us with a steady monthly income to cover our small overhead costs (mostly transfer fees and monthly banking fees), and help us save up for the next scholarship distribution. Read below to see why one of our monthly donors, Laura Burns, thinks investing in Haiti Scholarships with a monthly donation is a worthwhile cause!

"I donate each month to Haiti Scholarships because I truly believe my money is going to support a worthy cause. Not only do I know most of the board members, but I also personally know several of the students who are benefitting from this program. When I volunteered in Haiti years ago, I was touched deeply by how wonderful the Haitian people are, and how strong they were in the face of such horrible tragedy and poverty. Haiti Scholarships allows dedicated, hard-working young people from Haiti to pursue their dreams, and operates with very low overhead costs, so you know your money is going directly to help those in need. And the monthly donor feature makes it easy for me to donate and track my donations each year, and helps provide Haiti Scholarships with a steady source of donations each month. I am so grateful that I can contribute to such a great cause!"

See our other 'donor' blog posts to read why other donors choose to give to Haiti Scholarships, and click here to sign up to be a monthly donor today!

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