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Summer 2021 Newsletter: Includes a letter from the board of directors describing Haiti Scholarships' efforts over the past two years, as well as updates from educators in Haiti.

Winter 2016 Newsletter: Includes a great student in focus by Marlene Saint Elus, as well as an update on our Hurricane Matthew response, and ways to get involved this holiday season.

Spring 2015 Newsletter: Includes a wonderful student write up by Dienel Desir, as well as our 2014 Financial Report.

Winter 2015 Newsletter: Includes Student In Focus: Onelson Vernelus, student special on earthquake anniversary, events & updates, student updates, and welcome to Berlyne!

Fall 2014 Newsletter: Includes special community involvement updates, donor shout outs, updates & events, announcing scholarship recipients.

Summer 2014 Newsletter: Includes donation accomplishments, updates & events, In Focus: Meet our new board members.

Winter 2012 Newsletter: Includes 501(c)(3) announcement, financial report, student updates, In Focus: Sandy in Haiti by Onel Dossou, student thank you's.

Summer 2012 Newsletter: Includes student updates and Student In Focus: Lamarre Presuma.

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