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Criteria for Scholarships

Your sponsorship will help a child or young adult in Haiti obtain an education, an education they would otherwise be unable to afford.

The need for scholarships is much greater than we can provide with our limited funding. We hope to leverage our funding as far as possible. Thus, we hope to use these as partial scholarships to assure that as many Haitians as possible can attend school. This encourages the students to shop for the best value as well as to come up with their own funding whenever possible. This will have less of a price impact on Haitian schools as well as create "ownership" and hence a greater value to the recipients.

Our initial phase of scholarship recipients will include local volunteers in Leogane, Haiti. Expansion of the program will depend on the initial success of our program. Scholarship recipients are selected based on financial need, and continued satisfactory performance in school. Recipients are required to provide monthly updates on their academic achievements.

Recipients are also selected based on their degree of current and future community involvement: our hope is that their pursuit of education will allow them to give back to their community, both in the short and long term.

Winning a scholarship in one year does not guarantee winning it in future years. Each scholarship can be canceled for lack of performance or funding. Additionally, each scholarship winner must provide monthly updates. Failure to do so results in lost scholarships.

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