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It's worth it...

Sometimes, as a board member and fundraiser, this job is overwhelming. We are constantly getting requests from students we cannot help, there is never enough to go around and that is disheartening at times. And sometimes our personal lives get busy too, so adding a non-profit to it can be a lot. Especially 6 years down the road when our students trust and rely on our elp.

Sometimes, as a donor, it can be frustrating to always be asked for money, constantly. Especially when you just donated, or when you're already a monthly donor.

But then a message will pop up from a student in my inbox or through Facebook... and I hope it's as inspiring to you as a donor, as it is to me, as a board member and donor. This is the message I woke up to from Emmanuel:

"Halo my friend! How are you? I just want to thank you for all thing you do for me because of you today I have an extraordinary education. you count on my support I promise you, you will not lose that because I am almost finished the college and I hope to go to university and I hope after I enter in the United States to learn some more experience just so I can help, because I have as a dream, I want to become a donor also. I can also help, because donor support has allowed me reach this level, thank you so much, much love."

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