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Student in Focus: Fredjina Yvebirdy Saint-Vil

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Last month we were able to award a scholarship to a new student, thanks to a business sponsorship from Kalos Skin. We are so excited for this partnership, and to have Fredjina joining the Haiti Scholarships family!

My name is Fredjina Yvebirdy Saint-Vil. I am 9 years old, will be ten in 7 months. I was born on August 23rd, 2008 in Leogane. I am a beautiful little Haitian girl. My mother's name is Louisita Garcon and my father is Jean Fred Saint-Vil. My mother has two children with my father, me and my brother and another girl with another man. I have a beautiful family and I love them very much. I am living with five people, including my grandmother, in two shelters.
I am Christian. I go to church every Sunday and always sing with my friends.
Ecole Maranatha de Santo was my kindergarten school and I am now in elementary school at Institut Abellard de Leogane in 5th grade and I am doing well in school. I got 7/10 average in October. I love doing Math in class, most people do not like it or are not good at Math, but I always get 59/60 or 60/60 for Math.
My father wakes me up every day at 4:00 AM so I can be ready before seven, because school starts at 7 o'clock and ends at 2 PM, except on Friday: at noon we are done with everything.
Every morning, all the students sing the national anthem before going to the classrooms and I know it very well.
My teacher's name is Yonia Fabien. I have never got any punishment for not knowing my lesson because I love to study my lesson after school. I do not need anybody's help to help me with lesson, I can read and pronounce the words by myself.
I do not know how to cook but I am learning. I do laundry for my mother, father and my Grandma and myself of course. I like to listen to music, watch movies, do the dishes, sweep and mop the floor.
When I am older, I will go to a nursing school to become a nurse because I want to take care of people. I hope that my family and Haiti Scholarships will always be there for me to support my education.
I love you. Thank you so much for helping me and my family.

Written by Fredjina Yvebirdy Saint-Vil

Are you interested in being a business or monthly sponsor? Email us: to start changing a life.

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