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The Importance of our Monthly Donors

One of the biggest challenges for any non profit is fundraising. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to many of you. The greater challenge for an organization that was born out of a natural disaster, is how to keep potential donors interested years after this disaster has taken place. Although Haiti Scholarships is the direct result of many of the founding members going to Haiti to help in the disaster response after the earthquake in 2010, the purpose and mission of Haiti Scholarships extends beyond this one disaster, and focuses instead on another disaster that has existed in Haiti long before the earthquake: the lack of access to education for millions of Haitians. This is a disaster that has not gone away.

Our impact may still be small, as our recipients are still between 15 - 30 students a semester, but we know that for those 15 - 30 students, the financial help we are able to give them through your donations is life changing. And that's why we are still here.

Many times on Facebook or other social media we run fundraising campaigns asking for a minimal donation, but I wanted to take a couple minutes and tell you about the impact you can have if you sign up for a monthly donation. Through our website you can sign up for a monthly donation of $25, $30, or $40. That comes out to $300, $360, and $480 a year, respectively. So far, we have five monthly donors signed up, and their monthly donations add up to $1620 a year. This means that we are able to provide over 6 partial scholarships to students in Haiti. They quite literally keep us in the business of helping our students in Haiti.

Think of the impact that you can have by signing up to be a monthly donor. Although $300 or $360 is a big commitment when taken in the large sum, when you break it down per month, just think of the impact that your $25 can have on a student's life versus eating out one night less a month, or skipping that movie (we all know you can't go see a movie without dropping at least $20!).

If you still feel that a one-time donation is your best bet, by all means! Your help, in any amount, at any time, is always appreciated, and always put to good use!

Thank you again to all of our donors, both monthly and non-monthly: your generosity helps all of our students to achieve their educational goals.


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