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Student in Focus: Rose Samalia Saint-Juste

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Written by Rose Samalia Saint-Juste

My name is Rose Samalia Saint-Juste. I am twenty years old. I live on Rue Geoges Kernisant, Leogane, Haiti. I was born and raised in Leogane. My mother's name is Rose Helene Felix. My father's name is Lissama Saint-Juste. I am living with six people in the house: my Dad, Mom, one brother, two sisters and my daughter. I was eighteen when I got pregnant accidentally. My daughter is two years old now. You know what? She does not call me "Mom". She calls my mom "mama".
I have two brothers and three sisters. My parents are not married. My dad is a photographer and he has six children in total. I am in Philo at College Emile Saint-Lot of Leogane. My sister Marie Helene and my brother Darlain are in Philo too. Math is a difficult class for girsl and it's a game for my brother. My school is planning a geological tour for December 5th in Leogane with all the students. I am excited to go.
We have been studying, working very hard in school because we understand how much it is hard for you: Haitischolarships to convince and receive money from other people for us. Donors, you should know that your money has been spent correctly in Haiti, I am telling you. You are very AMAZING! We can not do everything without your help. Thank you so much!
I am in a parade group, it's called UCL (Union des Corps de Leogane). We go out in the streets to parade every May 18th for the Flag day.
I am also a catholic Christian. We have a choir in the church, CNDA (Chorale Notre-Dame de L'Anonciation). When they sing, I dance in the front with five other children. And we have about fifty people in it. In 2010, we participated in a 'song contest' with sixteen choirs from many different churches. We were the champion. We won the big price "$500 HT" for the choir. We were very happy.
Yes, this is my story and this is who I am!"

Donate today to our 2016-2017 scholarship fund to keep Rose Samalia and all of our students enrolled for classes next year!

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