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Student in Focus: Rickmailey Maurice

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

My name is Rickmailey MAURICE. I am thirteen years old. I was born on October 7th, 2003 in Leogane. My mother's name is Carmene Maurice. My father's name is Ulrick Macean, he lives in United States. They are from Leogane, Haiti. I am living in Cite Napoleon with three people: my mother, one of my sisters, and one brother.
Mom and Dad have one child together, just me. My mother has five children: three girls and two boys. My father has four children: three girls and one boy, I am his only boy. Because my father is married, I cannot have his last name. This is the reason why I am MAURICE like my mother. I look like my father, I would like to have the same life like the children who are living with their parents, their loved ones. I miss that so much. I don't think that I am responsible and that makes me very sad. I do not deserve that life, a life without your father. That makes me nervous, frustrated and stressed sometimes.
My father has two girls living in Leogane and the other one lives with him and his wife in USA. He used to give me some help, it's been two years since I have not heard from him. His wife does not like me and she does not want him to help me. I will see him whenever he comes to visit his daughters. I am certain that he will come visit me too. This is the only moment that we can spend some time together.
I have six sisters and two brothers and I am the last child of my mother. I like her so much, but I look like my dad. Every time mom does our laundry, I am the one to go collect water for the house. I like to help my family, I go shopping for them, and sometimes I am a good cook, if you try my pasta cooked just one time, you will want it every day, I am telling you.
I go to Catholic church, because it is an obligation for my school. And the rest of my family goes to Protestant's church.
L'Abeille Kindergarten was my first Kindergarten preschool. I am currently in 6th grade at Institut Abellard de Leogane for my primary studies, then next year, I will be going to secondary school in September and I am very excited about that. To make this possible, I have been working so hard in school to maintain good notes. And I feel ready for the final official exam from the National Education Ministry.
I enjoy going to school, it is the real and exact place to be educated. After my studies, I would like to be an Engineer in the future. Classes start at 7:45 AM until 4 PM. Except Friday, my school is closed at noon.
Before ending my story, please let me take a moment to thank Haiti Scholarships and Donors for everything that you have been doing for Haitian people. I have heard about you from my beautiful sister, Fana.
I love you so much, My Mother prays for all Staff members everyday. Your work is priceless. It is so enormous and indispensable for this country. Thank you so much. Keep it up!"
Rickmailey MAURICE

There is so much more to each of our students' lives, and we are so thankful you get to learn a little more about each of them and their struggles and dreams. Thank you for being a beacon of light.

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