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Student in Focus: Leon Benjica

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

My name is Benjica LEON. I am twenty five years old. I was born on October 19th, 1991 in La Gonave. I live in Buneau Lapointe, Leogane, Haiti. My mother's name is Monise Alexis and she is from L'Acul, Leogane Haiti. My father's name is Ramil Leon and he is from La Gonave and he lives there. I am living with my mother, my sister and two of my brothers in the house.
I have four brothers and one sister. My parents are not married, they have six children together: one girl and five boys. My dad is a fisherman and he is 65 years old. My Mother is 60, they are getting old. My parents go to Catholic Church. I go to Baptist Church.
I came to live in Leogane since 2006 because there were no secondary schools in Petit-Anse, the small locality that I was living in.
When I was three years old, I was sent to Wesleyenne Kindergarten and Primary school in La Gonave for my elementary studies. And I came to Leogane to continue my studies. To begin my secondary studies, I went to College Lumiere de Leogane and College La Reforme.
My mother likes me so much, she does everything to give me some supports. She is beautiful and a little bit short and she always tells me "look how tall you are". She is always telling me stories about myself and I want to share with you little stories that she told me. When I was a little boy, I always liked to play football, rode my friend's bikes because I did not have one and I liked to eat sugar cane with my friends and my brothers and took the last piece to my mother. You know here in this country we produce the best sugar cane and water melon.
I enjoyed spending time with my grand-mother during my vacation time in La Gonave. Unfortunately, I lost my grand-father two years ago. It was a pleasure to be with these people for Christmas time.
Now, I want to go to University and it is not a big problem for me to do that because Haiti Scholarships is here, helping and available for students in Leogane and you have been doing a great job, my family and I congratulate you for the work that you do and the transparency. I was very lucky to find your contact and I am very glad to be one of your recipients. In a few years, I will become an electrician and a plumber. Thank you so much Donors for your donations. Haiti Scholarships is amazing!!!
Thank you for reading my short story!
I love you.

Written by Benjica Leon

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