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Student in Focus: Emmanuel Jean

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Written by Emmanuel Jean and Berlyne Bien-Aime

My name is JEAN Emmanuel. I am nineteen years old. I have a very complicated life and story. I was born in Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince on the 14th of February 1994. I lived in Port-au-Prince for ten years. I have three brothers and one sister. My mother's name is Alfred Cervina, she is from Cap-Haitien and living in Leogane. My father's name was Dubisson Jean, he was from Cap-Haitien too, but we were all living in Cite Soleil. My father was very tall and he was a scrap-iron merchant.
One day, my dad and I went to buy paints for his business. I was about to turn nine years old and Mr. Jean Bertrand Aristide was President of Haiti. And my Dad was killed by a group of bandits with ballets in the street. And I was kidnapped for one month. I saw other children in the car. My mother thought that I was killed too with my dad.
They did not kill the children. I was lost when released because I did not know how to get back home. And the kids and I were walking in the streets without knowing where we were going.
One day, I was lucky to be found by my mother's sister in the street in P-au-P. And she took me with her. She was living in P-au-Prince and telling me that many houses in Cite Soleil were burnt, including mine. And my mom left the Capital to come live in Leogane. And my mom was very happy when my aunt told her about me. I stayed in the Capital for years with my aunt.
I was twelve years old when I came to live in Leogane with my mother. That was a difficult time for my family. We had to rebuild a small house.
My first Secondary school was College Wesner Ovide. And I am now in Chretien Emmanuel de Leogane in Second. Two more years to finish my secondary studies. After school, I would like to learn Network technics and audio visual.
January 10th, 2010. An earthquake happened in Haiti. Everyone was home, everyone ran outside, I only hit my food and we were safe. And our second house was destroyed again.
I was doing volunteer work with All Hands Volunteers. And of the volunteers was Alexandra Armstrong. I can not never forget the day that Alexandra was meeting with me and Tony to discuss about a scholarship project for students in Haiti. And she has been helping us with school ever since. I am still in school in 2016 because Haitischolarships exists and has been doing an incredible work for this country. Christa Pettis, Jim Mahar and Jessica, I will never forget how you contributed to my story. And they could never be able to continue this project without the Donors. I love you so much HAITI SCHOLARSHIPS AND DONORS!
Everyday, my mother prays for Haiti Scholarships' members, asking to protect you and bless you. In the future, I hope that I will find the opportunity, possibility and capacity to give back to you so you can help many students in Haiti.
Thanks for reading my story."

Please help us continue to provide these life changing scholarships by donating towards our 2016-2017 Scholarship Fund, just click here to make a one-time donation, or sign up to be a monthly donor for as little as $10.00 a month!

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