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Student in Focus: Augustin Tony Junior

Written by Augustin Tony Junior

My name is Augustin Tony Junior. I was born in May 27th, 1990. I am twenty six years old. My story is not very long. I was born in Sainte-Croix Hospital, in Leogane. I am living in Haiti. I have two brothers and one sister. My sister and I had the same father, his name was Antonio Augustin. He died when I was one year old. My brothers also lost their father too. My mother's name is Marie Miquete Saint-Hubert, she is from Leogane. She does not have a husband to help her I am living with three people. I have two nephews. My sister is pregnant, the Doctor said that she will give birth to a baby girl, maybe I'll have a niece soon, by the end of this week or next week. I have two Aunts and three uncles.
My kindergarten school was New Mission de Leogane. After that, I went to college Lumiere de Leogane for Primary studies and I am now in Maison-Oeuvre in Chatuley, in new Secondary 1. We always have activities in our school every May 1st. This year we had it again, it's called "Manje Kreyol" which means Creole Food. We invited reporters from the local radio stations and some students from other schools. We cooked Haitian rice with beans, vegetables; we made chocolate, coffee, papaya and cherry juice and other tropical fruit juice. That was one of the best days of this year. On May 17th, we also organized a community event in Leogane, we had the authorization to do that from the Mayor's office. We cleaned the city. When we have community events, everyone has to wear the school's shirts or t-shirts and blue jeans.
I like Haiti Scholarships's program very much. I stop going to school after the earthquake, two reasons: school was closed and my mother was not ready to pay school for me. Emmanuel Jean and I had the chance to volunteer with Jim Mahar for All Hands Volunteers and this man is a good person. I remember the meeting that we had with Junior and Smith to create this program for Haitian students in Leogane.

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