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Updates from our students!

Thanks to our donors, our students have been able to take a variety of classes this Spring and make some advances on their educational goals. THANK YOU.

Darlaine and Murabeau both took computer classes, where they learned the computing basics with windows: starting and shutting off a computer, and how to get around the desktop. They also began to learn some Microsoft office skills, which we are sure will be very valuable for their future endeavors!

Stadeur woke up at 4:00 a.m. every morning to go to school in Port au Prince, Monday through Friday. Although Port au Prince is relatively close to Leogane, traffic makes the distance seem like it's hundreds of miles away, and hence having to wake up so early to travel to the capital every day! Stadeur wants to be an accountant, and to that end he really enjoyed the accounting class he took.

Lamarre also had to commute to Port au Prince for school, but told us that he prefers the commute than having to live in Port au Prince. His favorite class this semester was international relations, because it helped him understand how international society works, it's history, what happened, and what is going on now. He also enjoyed leadership class, where they teach things from etiquette, to dressing appropriately for certain events, and he's looking forward to attend the formal dinner which is given at the end of the semester!

Agate made some new friends in school, and has enjoyed everything that her teachers taught. This semester she took social sciences, math, biology, English, Spanish, Creole, and French. She's on her way to be more multi-lingual than most of us!

Helene excelled in her classes, and shared with us that she hates missing a single day of school. Just what we like to hear!

Thank you again to each of you who have made it possible for these students, and many others, to attend school this past semester. We are now looking forward to the Fall semester and hope that we will once again be able to help out each of these students to pursue their education. As always, any support you can provide is greatly appreciated!

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