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Some Updates from HS

We've got our Facebook page going. Our Twitter is up and running. This site, thanks to the help of some incredible volunteers, is up and running. As you can tell if you're reading this, we've switched our blog site so it's all incorporated into our website. I hope you've joined our forces on each of these social fronts!

Our articles of incorporation have been sent in, and we're hoping the legalities can be taken care of sooner rather than later, although backlogs with the State of California are something that's beyond our control. Why California? It's not one of the tax friendliest states, but it's the one where I (Alex) am located, which makes filing articles, bylaws, and everything else a little easier. Plus, all of our board members are located throughout the country... so I had to pick just one state. Speaking of our directors, we're hoping to add a few more members to our board, so stay tuned for future updates!

The Rotary Club in Leogane has agreed to work with us in making things happen on the ground. They will interview our students and disburse money directly to the schools. We are excited about this partnership and hope it will be long-term and beneficial not only for us and the Rotary Club in Leogane, but most importantly, the students who will benefit from your donations.

We have applications from five deserving and incredible students, and we're hoping we can fund the rest of their academic school year. The funds we have so far allow us to cover approximately 75% of tuition and registration. So we're 25% short of providing full scholarships to our five students, and we also need to start securing donations for next year's scholarships. Remember: $25 a month puts a student in school for a whole year. Think about the opportunities you are giving these students, and the doors you're allowing them to open. Please help spread the word, ask your friends and family to help you sponsor a student.

We're hoping in the next month or so to have a "fundraising packet" available on our website, which you can refer to for ideas on how to raise money for our students. I hope that once it's up and running, you'll take a look and find a way that you feel comfortable taking charge of.

As always, please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks for being a part of Haiti Scholarships!

- Alex

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