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More Student Updates!

Benjica Leon

Although Benjica changed schools this year, he is doing very well and continues to enjoy math and trigonometry classes. His dream is to be an engineer, so these classes are well up his alley!

Jean Kendy Estimphil

Jean Kendy attends university in Port au Prince. This semester he took a class on how to write administrative letters. This is important to him because now he knows what format he has to use to write these letters.

Marie Helene St. Juste

Marie Helene is happy to tell us that she is very proud of doing her homework every day, as well as passing her exams! Marie Helene wants to be a nurse, so she enjoyed her biology and chemistry classes the most.

Macon Michelot

Macon is dedicated to studying hard so he can get good grades in his school. This semester he learned some new things in his accounting class, which he thinks will help him very much in his trade.

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