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A wonderful update from Lamarre!

Lamarre gave us such a great and detailed update that I just felt the need to share it almost entirely with you guys. I hope you each enjoy it as much as I did, and see that your donations are going to some pretty amazing students who are striving to get ahead!

Q. What was the most difficult thing about your studies?

A. The most difficult thing about my studies this semester is the Geopolitical and Geography classes. They are very important classes that I want to master, but it's complicated too because they give you a short time to do a presentation and the world map is not easy to understand. ... [T]hese are the classes that take most of my time during the semester.

Q. What is your favorite class so far?

A. My favorite class so far is the history of International Relations. This class shows me the beginning of International Relations around the world and gives me a basic understanding of the system, and I learn many things that are basic in diplomacy, which gives me more enthusiasm to study and know many things about the international society.

Q. What did you enjoy the most about school this month?

A. What I enjoyed most about school this month was the visit of the UE (European Union) and German ambassadors and they presented a conference about UE and talked about the cooperation between UE and Haiti in different sectors. The German representative said their visit to the school may be an opportunity to have a relationship between the Haitian Universities and the universities of the country members of the UE. The conference was done with questions between students, professors, and the ambassadors. It was a great day, students were taking pictures and relaxing.

Q. Describe your biggest or most difficult project or homework assignment.

A. My biggest or most difficult homework assignment was a presentation about a geopolitical class which asked me to work a lot and memorize a lot, and be able to explain something on the map and then answer questions during the presentation. I had to prepare it and I did my best.

To the donors, Lamarre says:

I have to be thankful to you who make my study possible through Haiti Scholarships, I thank you a lot. Without you my education would not be possible and I have chance now to make this experience. You are doing a wonderful work, please keep up the good work. I can't thank you enough not only for me, but I also thank you for other Haitian students that you are helping. You contribute in the reconstruction, the future and the development of Haiti.

I don't know about you, but I just love reading updates like these from our students. It fills me with joy to see them working so hard in their studies, and being so dedicated to their education. In a country where so many other things take precedence, it's refreshing to see them focusing on their studies this diligently. Way to go, Lamarre!

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