Student in Focus: Mathelier Odiger

Hi everyone,

My name is Mathelier Odiger. I am 21 years old. I was born on February 6th, 1996 in Carrefour. I am Haitian. My mother’s name Marie – Lourdes RAMEAU, she is 57 years old. She used to work as a maid. My father was Soimelon ODIGER.  Unfortunately, he died when I was still a baby, I did not know him very well. My mother said that he was a good man, he was a mechanic. They were not married, they were living together and had four children, a girl and three boys. I am the youngest. He had a job and was supporting the family economically. One night, after work, he was not feeling well, my mother took him to hospital, a few days later he died.

Ever since, it has been a tragedy for my mother to take care of four children, she is struggling with all her strength. We have been living in Leogane for many years. My mother found a job in Leogane, she was working as a maid in a house, there were many houses on the property, we rented a small one to stay.

Ma petite ecole IPL was the name of my kindergarten and primary school, then I went to College Chretien Emmanuel and I am now in 3eme at College Classique de Leogane.

Three years ago, I accepted Jesus in my life, everybody in my family has God for Father. Do you know what happened last year? We were asked to leave the house because of our faith in God. We are currently living in a community called Flon in Leogane.

God has sent to me a friend, her name is Kona Shen.  I was a little boy when she was visiting Haiti and saw me and decided to help my mother with my education. Thanks to her, I am part of Haiti Scholarships family.

I would like to become a doctor in the future. When I become Surgeon, I will find a job in the hospital  and help children in the street, feed them and put them in school.

Thank you Haiti Scholarships for all your support. I am praying for you so you continue the program. I will ask my God to bless all people who are donating for the students to have a better future.

Mathelier ODIGER (“Loulou”)

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