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Help us raise money to renew two scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year.

Haiti Scholarships is an organization to help Haitians continue their education.  Run and managed totally by volunteers, all donations go directly to schools in Haiti to fund scholarships.

Education is the surest way to economic health.  That is true for an individual or a country.  In this case we need your help to assist Haiti in their recovery efforts.

YOU can help. It costs roughly one dollar a day for a student to go to school. A donation of $30 pays for a full month of High School for a child.

We are not asking you to pay $25,000 to put a student through school (but think of the impact that you would have!  $25,000 would pay for almost 100 students to go to school for a year!).

But we are asking you to do something.  Find a dollar on the street?  A student can go to school for a day.  Skip desserts at a restaurant? A student can go to school for a week.  You get the idea.  Little things matter.  Loose change can literally change Haiti.

So simple, but so effective.

We need many people to do their part.  We need your to help.  Your help and the help of people like you around the world will add up, and soon there will be many Haitians in school that would otherwise not be able to afford to go.  In time this will have an enormous impact on the economic health of Haiti.

Who are we?

Haiti Scholarships is a California corporation, and a 501(c) certified organization.  This means all your donations are tax deductible.

Mission Statement: Haiti Scholarships is a US based organization that believes change in Haiti will come through the education of its youth.  The Mission of Haiti Scholarships is to obtain donations to provide an increasing number of scholarships and resources for children and young adults who have financial limitations to continue their education.  Our hope is that scholarship recipients will in turn give back to their communities, and lead Haiti into a new era.

Vision Statement: Haiti Scholarships believes each individual can make a difference; each individual can help shape the future.  We envision a future where children in Haiti are not held back from pursuing basic education because of financial constraints.

You can find out more about the individuals that make up Haiti Scholarships here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions!


P.O. Box 2096

Laguna Hills, CA 92654