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Student in Focus: Marie Helene

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Written by Marie Helene Saint-Juste and Berlyne Bien-Aime

"Let me please tell you my story and read it carefully.
My name is Marie Helene Saint-Juste. I am 18 years old. My mother's name is Rose Helene Felix and my father is Lussama Saint-Juste. I have three sisters and two brothers. I am the third child of my family. I am living in Leogane, Haiti, with six members of my family.
I am in Rheto at College Emile Saint Lot. I am a committee member of my class. My school is not far, I walk for like five minutes. I leave home at 7:30 AM and return around 3:30 or 4 PM because we have an after school working group, we do a lot of math and physics exercises. And I have got good grades in my report card.
I have good and sad moments in my life. The following one is sad.
I was here in Leogane, when the earthquake happened. The concrete roof house was totally destroyed by the quake. Thanks to God because He saved my life.
Nobody had time to pack anything for an evacuation. This natural disaster was extremely challenging for my family. It destroyed us physically and mentally. And it is a very emotional event. I was feeling stressed, anxious, confused and so sad. We were having a bad quality of life, living in camps with so many people.
After the quake, God sent "HAITI SCHOLARSHIPS" for my family. Haiti scholarships has been helping us a lot in EDUCATION.
BRAVO to the Donors, keep donating because your money is being used in the best way. Keep helping changing Haitian People's life.
I am working on two different projects now with my youth club. It's called CSJP (Club Socio Culturel des jeunes). We have about forty members and we meet at Belval Plaza every Sunday afternoon to discuss many things. One thing: we want to go to a place in Leogane, on May 1st, which is the labor day in Haiti, where everybody will have to put in earth a plant (reforestation).
The second one: May 18th (Flag day), we want to walk in the streets of Leogane, distribute Haitian flag to people. With a lot of singing, dancing. We want to sing the National Anthem to say that WE LOVE HAITI and WE ARE very proud to BE HAITIAN.
I know that my story is not very long, but it is real and true. Thanks for reading and helping me!"

Thank you, Marie Helene, for sharing your story with us! It's so exciting to see our students involved in extracurricular school activities, as well as activities that promote the welfare and happiness of their communities!

To keep Marie Helene and students like her enrolled for the 2015-2016 school year, click here.

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