Student in Focus: Rickmailey Maurice


My name is Rickmailey MAURICE. I am thirteen years old. I was born on October 7th, 2003 in Leogane.  My mother ‘s name is Carmene Maurice. My father’s name is Ulrick Macean, he lives in United States. They are from Leogane, Haiti. I am living in Cite Napoleon with three  people: my mother, one of my sisters, and one brother. 

Mom and Dad have one child together, just me.  My mother has five children: three girls and two boys. My father has four children: three  girls  and one boy, I am his only boy. Because my father is married, I cannot  have his last name. This is the reason why I am MAURICE like my mother. I look like my father, I would like to have the same life like the children who are living with their parents, their loved ones. I miss that so much. I don’t think that I am responsible and that makes very sad.  I do not deserve that life, a life without your father. That makes me nervous, frustrated and stressed sometimes.

My father has two girls living in Leogane and the other one lives with him and his wife in USA. He used to give me some help, it’s been two years since I have not heard from him. His wife does not like me and she does not want him to help me. I will see him whenever he comes to visit his daughters. I am certain that he will come visit me too. This is the only moment that we can spend some time together.  

I have six sisters and two brothers and I am the last child of my mother. I like her so much, but I look like my dad. Every time mom does our laundry, I am the one to go collect water for the house. I like to help my family, I go shopping for them, and sometimes I am a good cook, if you try my pasta cooked just one time, you will want it every day, I am telling you.

I go to Catholic church, because it is an obligation for my school.  And the rest of my family goes to Protestant’s church.   

L’Abeille  Kindergarten was my first Kindergarten  preschool. I am currently  in 6th grade at Institut Abellard de Leogane for my primary studies, then next year, I will be  going to secondary school in September  and I am very excited about  that. To make this possible, I have been working so hard in school to maintain good notes. And I feel ready for the final official exam from the National Education Ministry.

I enjoy  going to school, it is the real and exact  place to be educated. After my studies,  I would like to be an Engineer in the future. Classes start  at 7: 45   A M  until 4 PM. Except  Friday, my school is closed at noon.

Before ending my story, please let me take a moment to  thank Haiti Scholarships and Donors  for everything that you have been doing for Haitian people. I have heard about you from my beautiful sister, Fana.

 I love you so much, My Mother prays for all Staff  members  everyday. Your work is priceless.  
It is so enormous and indispensable for this country. Thank you so much. Keep it up!

Rickmailey MAURICE  

There is so much more to each of our student’s lives, and we are so thankful you get to learn a little more about each of them and their struggles and dreams.  Thank you for being a beacon of light.

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Students Help Clean Up

Our students got together yesterday near Benjica’s home and helped clean up the community.  Part of a requirement of receiving a scholarship from Haiti Scholarships is that students will give back to their communities.  And what better time than right now!

14 students worked hard for about 4 hours.  From Berlyne: “Also, I know that you don’t burn trash in the States. But here we do. People were very happy to see us doing that for them, because it is been so long since they had been waiting for the mayor’s office worker to clean up and no one came. They gave us two rakes and a shovel from the Pastor and we gave them back to them after.”

img_2515 img_2544 img_2557 img_2569

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Student in Focus: Leon Benjica



My name is Benjica LEON. I am twenty five years old. I was born on October  19th, 1991 in La Gonave. I live in Buneau Lapointe, Leogane, Haiti . My mother’s name is Monise Alexis and she is from L’Acul, Leogane Haiti.  My father’s name is Ramil Leon and he is from La Gonave and he lives there. I am living with my mother, my sister and two of my brothers in the house.

I have four brothers and one sister.  My parents are not married, they have six children together: one girl and five boys.  My dad is a fisherman and he is 65 years old. My Mother is 60, they are getting old. My parents go to Catholic Church.  I go to Baptist Church.

I came live in Leogane since 2006 because there were no secondary schools in Petit – Anse, the small locality that I was living in.

When I was three years old, I was sent  to Wesleyenne Kindergarten and Primary school in La Gonave for my elementary studies. And I came to Leogane to continue my studies. To begin my secondary studies, I went to College Lumiere de Leogane and College La Reforme.

My mother likes me so much, she does everything to give me some supports. She is beautiful and a little bit short and she always tells me “look how tall you are’’. She is always telling me stories about myself and I want to share with you little stories  that she told me. When I was a little boy, I always liked to play football, rode my friend’s bikes because I did not have one  and I liked to eat sugar cane with my friends and my brothers and  took the last piece to my mother.  You know here in this country we produce the best sugar cane and water melon.

I enjoyed spending time with my grand-mother during my vacation time in La Gonave. Unfortunately, I lost my grand – father  two years ago. It was a pleasure to be with these people for Christmas time.

Now, I want to go to University and it is not a big problem for me to do that because Haiti Scholarships is here, helping  and available for students in Leogane and you have been doing a great job, my family and I congratulate you for the work that you do and the transparency. I was very lucky to find your contact and I am very glad to be one of your recipients.  In a few  years, I will become an electrician and a plumber. Thank you so much Donors for you donations. Haiti Scholarships is amazing !!!

Thank you for reading my short story!

I love you.

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Student in Focus: Marlene Saint – Elus

2016 Marlene saint Elus


I am Marlene Saint – Elus. I am twenty six years old . I was born in Thomonde, which is located in the Central Department of Haiti. I live in Santo, Leogane Haiti.

My mothers ’s name was Rosette Desir, she was fifty two years old. She died on December 7th , 2015 in Thomonde. She had four children : two girls and two boys . My mother lost one of her boys who was living in Dominican Republic in a motorcycle accident in January 2015. A few months later, I lost my mother in the same year.

My father’s name is Jean-Claude Saint – Elus. He is fourty eight years old. He has five children : two girls and three boys , in total I have six step siblings because my father and mother only had me together . I am my dad’s first child and the third of my mom.

Since I was seven month, I lived with my grand mother, my father’s mother. I was in 9eme ( Secondary ) and my mom and dad could not afford paying school. I was going to stop going to school. And my mother called my brother that was living in Port – au – Prince to ask for help. And I was sent to Port- au-Prince to experience another life. I stayed there living with my brother and his family. He has three children. So, six people were living in the same house. Two years later, we could not get along. I left my brother’s house to come live here in Leogane with my uncle.

I am living with four people : my uncle, his wife and his grandson and granddaughter. And I have been living with them for three years.

I did not go to kindergarten school. I was sent to Ecole Methodiste Wesleyenne when I was six for my primary studies. And I went to many other schools for my secondary studies. And I am now in ENRAF ( Ecole Normale Rubert A. Ferdinand ) a vocational school in Leogane. I am still in school because HAITI SCHOLARSHIPS has been doing a PRECIOUS job here in Haiti, helping children and youth with their education. I will graduate next year. Please DONORS, NEVER STOP DONATING.

Because your donations have been well – used. You can continue to save


This is the story of my life. Thank you for reading it!

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Student in Focus: Pierre Wilby

By Pierre Wilby and Berlyne Bien-Aime



Here is my short story. Please read it!

My name is Pierre Wilby. I am twenty six years old. I am from Petite – Anse, La Gonave, Haiti. I live in Belval, Leogane. I am living with four people. My mother ‘s name is Weseline Charles. My father’s name is Dieula Pierre. My mom and my dad are living in La Gonave. My mother has eight children in total and my father has three children. They have three children together and I am the third one. I have

eight brothers and one sister.

I was in Wesleyenne of La Gonave for my primary studies and I came to Leogane for my secondary studies. This academic year, 2015-1016, I am in philo at College Phare of Leogane because Haiti Scholarships has been helping me to continue the studies. Because you donate, a lot of Haitian students go to school, they have their school paid. Without your donations, Haitischolarships would not have been able to do this incredible work in Haiti.

Leogane a is pretty town, but I prefer La Gonave. In La Gonave, there are lots of cows, goats and horses.

We have the best watermelon in the country and the world and it is cheap home. You can buy a big melon for fifty or sixty Gourds. And when the watermelons get to Leogane, you will pay one hundred to two hundred Gourds for one big melon, and if you have five Gourdes, you will have a small piece. Williamson is another place in the North of Haiti you can get melon, it is in Archahaie .

La Gonave is an island. Everyone knows how to swim there. If you ever have a chance to visit Haiti, please visit Leogane and La Gonave. You will fall in love with the country for its beautiful , and good people of hospitality.

Before ending my story, please, let me wish you Donors and Haitischolarships Staff members a ‘Merry Christmas 2015 and a Happy new year!’

Thank you for your help!

Haiti Scholarships Pierre Wilby Photo 2015

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Student in Focus: Rose Samalia Saint-Juste

By Rose Samalia Saint-Juste


My name is Rose Samalia Saint – Juste. I am twenty years old. I live on Rue Geoges Kernisant, Leogane, Haiti. I was born and raised in Leogane. My mother’s name is Rose Helene Felix. My father’s name is Lissama Saint – Juste. I am living with six people in the house: my Dad, Mom, one brother, two sisters and my daughter. I was eighteen when I got pregnant accidently. My daughter is two years old now. You know what? She does not call me ‘’Mom’’. She calls my mom ‘’mama’’.

I have two brothers and three sisters. My parents are not married. My dad is a photographer and he has six children in total. I am in Philo at College Emile Saint – Lot of Leogane. My sister Marie Helene and my brother Darlain are in Philo too. Math is a difficult class for girls and it’s a game for my brother. My school is planning a geological tour for December 5th in Leogane with all the students. I am excited to go.

We have been studying, working very hard in school because we understand how much it is hard for you : Haitischolarships to convince and receive money from other people for us. Donors, you should know that your money has been spent correctly in Haiti, I am telling you. You are very AMAZING! WE can not do everything without your help. Thank you so much!

I am in a parade group, it’s called UCL ( Union des Corps de Leogane). We go out in the streets to parade every May 18th for the Flag day.

I am also a catholic Christian. We have a choir in the church, CNDA ( Chorale Notre – Dame de L’ Anonciation ). When they sing, I dance in the front with five other children. And we have about fifty people in it. In 2010, we participated in a ‘song contest’ with sixteen choirs from many different churches. We were the champion. We won the big price ‘’ $ 500 HT ‘’ for the choir. We were very happy.

Yes, this is my story and this is who I am!

Haiti Scholarships Rose Samalia Saint Juste 11282015

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Student in Focus: Fleurome Jean Alex

By Fleurome Jean Alex


Hello ,

My name is Fleurome Jean Alex. I am nineteen years old. My story is very complicated. I was born in a hospital in Carrefour. I have four older sisters and two little brothers and I am living with two of my sisters in Leogane, Haiti.

My mother’s name is Saintine Rose – Marie. Unfortunately, I lost her on November 14th, 2013 from a heart attack. And my mom had two other boys after me. I was her first kid.

After my mom gave birth to me, I was adopted by my father ‘s wife. The name of my father’s wife is Laimilie Moise. She has four children. And I am her fourth child. My father’s name is Fleurome Alexandre. I am his second child and also living in Leogane.

I was sent to school when I was three years old at Le Mignon Kindergarten. I graduated from Kindergarten when I was six. Then I went to Ecole Freres Louis Borno & Institution Toussait Louverture for my Primary studies. For the secondary studies, I was in College Nouveau Surin Eveillard . After the earthquake in 2010, I was in 9th grade. Our school was totally collapsed and life became so hard, we could not go to school, we lost about five months of classes. The unforgettable earthquake!

A friend suggested me to like HaitiScholarships on Facebook. I applied and I was that lucky boy to be selected for a scholarship. I will never stop thanking you Haitischolarship and Donors for your big support to my family.

In Rheto , I was the third laureate for my school with 1005/1800 Points. In Philo, I was the second laureate , 1050/ 1700 points. I was successful. I just finished my Secondary Studies.

Now , it is time to write another chapter in the book of my life. University time! I am going to University this month in Port- au-Prince to learn accounting, and I would like to know about medicine too. Please, continue the donations to change Haitian’s life. May God protect and bless you all!

I am also the Vice-President of a local organization. It is called OPJDK ( Organisation Progressive des Jeunes pour le Development de K-da ), founded on December 24, 2014. We already cleaned a gutter which was filled with bad and dirty stuff in it and it smelled really bad. Each time heavy rain fell, it caused floods and health problems. For our first anniversary, coinciding with Christmas . We want to clean the area and have a Christmas decoration in a part of our neighborhood because we will not have enough decoration for the whole area.

This is the story of a young and very polite Haitian student, sponsored by


Keep up the great work!!! I am Fleurome Jean Alex!

Jean Alex and Berlyne
Jean Alex and Berlyne

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Student in Focus: Dieunel Desir

By: Dieunel Desir and Berlyne Bien-Aime.

Hello everybody,

Please read my little story!

My name is Dieunel Desir. I am twenty three  years old. I am Haitian. I am from La Gonave, Haiti. I am living in Leogane, Haiti. And I am a tall Haitian boy.

I have three brothers and four sisters, but I am living with six people in my house. My father’s name is Dieucel Desir and he has another wife, so he does not live with me. My mother’s name is Marie-Kettely Plaisimond. She is a very pretty Haitian woman and I love her so much. She is very  strong and courageous. I am sure you will see what I mean when you see her picture. My family is so nice, adorable, and they like to help each other.

I am in Rheto in College Salomon Roosevelt. I will have official exam for the Ministry of Education in June. I wake up at six A.M every morning to go to school at 8 A.M, come back home at 2 P.M. And most of the time, when my mother does not have money to pay a moto taxi, it takes me about 25 minutes to walk to the school.

I am the committee ‘s vice – President of my class. We are planning a very big party at the beach for this month,  May 30th, at Petit Paradis beach, Grand – Goave, Haiti. We will have people dancing, singing, telling jokes, eating competition, etc…We will play soccer since it is my favorite sport. We will have lots of fun!

You know a little bit who I am. One more thing that you need to know if you do not hear from me is that I like to plant and I will be absolutely an agronomist for sure.

I am telling you I really need your support and help with the scholarship to finish Secondary school, then go to College.

HAITISCHOLARSHIP is AWESOME, you doing the best thing ever: Helping people in need to go further  in life with ‘’EDUCATION’’.

DONORS, you are very INCREDIBLE.

Thank you so much!!!

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Student in Focus: Marie Helene

By: Marie Helene Saint Juste and Berlyne Bien-Aime.

Let me please tell you my story and read it carefully.

My name is Marie Helene Saint – Juste. I am 18 years old. My mother’s name is Rose Helene Felix and my father is Lussama Saint – Juste. I have three sisters and two brothers. I am the third child of my family. I am living in Leogane, Haiti, with six members of my family.

I am in Rheto at College Emile Saint Lot. I am a committee member of my class. My school is not far, I walk for like five minutes. I leave home at 7 : 30 AM and return around 3: 30 or 4 PM because we have an after school working group, we do a lot of math and physics exercises. And I have got good grades in my report card.

I have good and sad moment in my life. The following one is sad.

I was here in Leogane, when the earthquake happened. The concrete roof house was totally destroyed by the quake. Thanks to God because He saved my life.

Nobody had time to pack anything for an evacuation. This natural disaster was extremely challenging for my family. It destroyed us physically and mentally. And it is a very emotional event. I was feeling stressed, anxious, confused and so sad. We were having a bad quality of life, living in camps with so many people.

After the quake, God sent ‘’HAITI SCHOLARSHIPS’’ for my family . Haiti scholarships has been helping us a lot in EDUCATION.

BRAVO to the Donors, keep donating because your money is being used in the best way. Keep helping changing Haitian People life .

I am working on two different project now with my youth club. It’s called CSJP ( Club Socio Culturel des jeunes). We have about forty members and we meet at Belval Plaza every Sunday afternoon to discuss many things. One thing: we want to go to a place in Leogane, on May 1st, which is the labor day in Haiti, where everybody will have to put in earth a plant ( reforestation ).

The second one : May 18th , ( Flag day) we want to walk in the streets of Leogane, distribute Haitian flag to people. With a lot of singing, dancing . We want to sing the National Anthem to say that WE LOVE HAITI and WE ARE very proud to BE HAITIAN.

I know that my story is not very long , but it is real and true. Thanks for reading and helping me!

Thank you, Marie Helene, for sharing your story with us!  It’s so excited to see our students involved in extracurricular school activities, as well as activities that promote the welfare and happiness of their communities!

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