Who you are helping

Each of the individuals below are young students who wish to pursue their education, but are unable to due to financial limitations.  Will you help them?
Emmanuel Jean is 17 years old, and trying to complete the sixth grade.  Emmanuel recognizes the importance of education, and wants to go to college so he can help his family, his community, and his country.  Emmanuel originally wanted to be a doctor, because he believes that would be a good way to serve his community.  Since the earthquake, he has also considered becoming a carpenter because he realizes professions such as these are needed to rebuild his community.

“Education is so important in our life. This scholarship will help me to go to school that will improve the situation in Haiti. Before the earthquake I live in a house. It was so good now the situation is so complicated for me and for all my family. The gouvernement don’t offer anything so that the students can go to school.”

Rose Somalia Sainte Juste

Rose Somalia Sainte Juste is fifteen years old and in the fourth grade.  She wants to pursue her education so she can become a nurse and help rebuild her country.  Rose Somalia already helps in her community by helping children with their homework, and encouraging them to obtain an education, by explaining how important it is.

“My ambition is going to school and finish. when I  finish I would like to go in a university and study nursing when I finish to study I will help my community, my family and my country to develop their economic. I will participate in the development of my country.”

Tony Junior Augustin

Tony Junior Augustin is currently in the seventh grade.  Tony wants to go to college so he can become a teacher or a doctor.  He currently works with All Hands Volunteers by clearing rubble from people’s properties.  Tony has also become a positive role model for younger children in Leogane.
“For me Haiti scholarship is very good for Haiti. It will help me to go to school so that I can pay my School. This scholarship will help Haiti to develop. Because some students who did not have the opportunity to go to school are going that is one of the best way scholarship can help the students in Haiti to increase their knowledge.”         -Tony

Darlain Saint Juste is seventeen years old and completing secondary school.  Darlain wants to go on to University studies and study business management, so he can teach people who to buy and sell.  Darlain currently volunteers in his community in Leogane, by helping with the children and encouraging them to stay in school.
“A country can not develop if it doesn’t have some people who can manage.  A manager can do a lot of things in a country.”  -Darlain

Mencia Fontaine
Mencia Fontaine is twenty one years old and attends St. Croix trade school in Leogane, Haiti.  Mencia wants to become an accountant, as she believes this is an important profession for Haiti: accountants can help develop the country, help sellers increase their business, and basically participate in the development of Haiti’s economy.
“I know without education a country can develop. In Haiti education is so difficult because the parents of the students do not have money have to pay the school for the students and the government does not offer anything to the people who are jobless and they do not help the students to pay their school.” -Mencia