January 2018 Student Updates

Last month, students met up at the local internet cafe in Leogane to fill out their updates and to hear a presentation about sexual harassment.

Here are some of the updates our students provided:

Jean Emmanuel: I participated in a cultural project in the town of leogane where I live. It is an institution called Rara Yogann, institution that sells image culture that we have in leogane that is rara. I’m a photography, videography and technician of (rara yogann).

Yeye: I would like to thank you for your support. My school does not send me back home for money because Haiti Scholarships always makes payments on time. I love you so much.  Yeye enjoyed “docimology,” which is the study of the assessment of tests.

Valentina enjoyed learning about geology, but found her math class a bit challenging.  She is currently taking the following classes: Haiti Story, Biology, Geology, French, English, Creole, Spanish, Art and Culture, Math.

Mesidor is studying finance at ANDC (university) and is enrolled in the following courses: Planification, Search methodology, Accounting financial, Audit, Financial econometric.

Rickmailey: Thank you Haiti scholarships for your support. My family and I are very grateful for everything you do in Haiti.

You can help us guarantee their continued enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year by making a donation today.


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