Hurricane Matthew Response

At times like these, we are so thankful to have Berlyne working with us.  We have been able to keep in constant contact and she’s been keeping in touch with our students in return.

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Thanks to Berlyne and your donations, we were able to send money right away for Berlyne to purchase some much-needed items for our students and their families: rice, oil, water, water purification tablets, and some other essential home items.  Our students were so happy!

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We also sent money for our students in Les Cayes.  Unfortunately, Les Cayes was hit much harder than Leogane, so Jim has been working tirelessly through Bona Responds and Positive Ripples to provide more help for reconstruction.

Any donations received during the month of October will be set aside and distributed to our students to help them rebuild their home or purchase vital home items (beds, etc.).  Berlyne is contacting all of our students this week to see what their “top 3” requests are, and once we have that list and estimated costs, we will begin distributing the money accordingly.

Do you know that just a $10 donation can help buy a new roof for a student’s home?  Donate today.

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