Student in Focus: Darlain Saint Juste


My name is Smith Lauber Darlain SAINT – JUSTE. I am twenty four years old. I was born May 14, 1993 in a hospital called Sainte-Croix which is in Leogane, Haiti. My mother’s name is Helene Felix. SAINT – JUSTE Lissama is my father’s name. My parents are not married, but they have been living together for many years. They have four children together, one boy and three girls. I am the only boy of my mother and I am also the first child of my family. My father has two other children with two different women, that means he has six children in total, two boys and four girls. I live with six people: My father, my mother, three of my sisters and my niece. I have four sisters and one brother.

On Sundays, I go to Sainte-Croix Episcopal Church. l always take my niece with me to church.

I went to Joyeux Soleil kindergarten when I was three years old. After kindergarten I went to a primary school called la Redemption de Leogane, then Lycee Anacaona and Phoenix where I completed my secondary education. I am in my second year at Gonaives law school. I will be a great lawyer soon.

I will put myself at the service of the most vulnerable of the country. I will defend women especially and I would like to work with women organizations to fight violence against women and promote human rights respect in Haiti. I have a lot of dreams for this country. I want to have a country where dreams come true, a country like the others who are on the path of development.

Haiti needs big changes: Children need to live in healthy and clean spaces as we all deserve to live as people. We need to be well educated. Thank you Haiti Scholarships for your great contribution in education in Haiti. You are our treasure. My father does not work and my mother has a small business. You have been supporting us for years, three out of six children of the family. I cannot find the words to express our joy and gratitude. I know you want to help more people, but you do not have enough funds to do it. This is exactly why we need you Donors. Your help is very much appreciated here. Without your donations, Haiti Scholarships cannot help us. Please continue to help us and you will never regret it. We love you and we pray for you all.

Thank you for reading my story.

Darlain L. S. SAINT – JUSTE

Darlain is right: there is always a need for more scholarships.  We have been fortunate in the last few years to have amazing donors that allow us to add one to two more scholarships per year.  Please help us secure that extra scholarship for 2018-2019 by donating today.

January 2018 Student Updates

Last month, students met up at the local internet cafe in Leogane to fill out their updates and to hear a presentation about sexual harassment.

Here are some of the updates our students provided:

Jean Emmanuel: I participated in a cultural project in the town of leogane where I live. It is an institution called Rara Yogann, institution that sells image culture that we have in leogane that is rara. I’m a photography, videography and technician of (rara yogann).

Yeye: I would like to thank you for your support. My school does not send me back home for money because Haiti Scholarships always makes payments on time. I love you so much.  Yeye enjoyed “docimology,” which is the study of the assessment of tests.

Valentina enjoyed learning about geology, but found her math class a bit challenging.  She is currently taking the following classes: Haiti Story, Biology, Geology, French, English, Creole, Spanish, Art and Culture, Math.

Mesidor is studying finance at ANDC (university) and is enrolled in the following courses: Planification, Search methodology, Accounting financial, Audit, Financial econometric.

Rickmailey: Thank you Haiti scholarships for your support. My family and I are very grateful for everything you do in Haiti.

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Student in Focus: Mathelier Odiger

Hi everyone,

My name is Mathelier Odiger. I am 21 years old. I was born on February 6th, 1996 in Carrefour. I am Haitian. My mother’s name Marie – Lourdes RAMEAU, she is 57 years old. She used to work as a maid. My father was Soimelon ODIGER.  Unfortunately, he died when I was still a baby, I did not know him very well. My mother said that he was a good man, he was a mechanic. They were not married, they were living together and had four children, a girl and three boys. I am the youngest. He had a job and was supporting the family economically. One night, after work, he was not feeling well, my mother took him to hospital, a few days later he died.

Ever since, it has been a tragedy for my mother to take care of four children, she is struggling with all her strength. We have been living in Leogane for many years. My mother found a job in Leogane, she was working as a maid in a house, there were many houses on the property, we rented a small one to stay.

Ma petite ecole IPL was the name of my kindergarten and primary school, then I went to College Chretien Emmanuel and I am now in 3eme at College Classique de Leogane.

Three years ago, I accepted Jesus in my life, everybody in my family has God for Father. Do you know what happened last year? We were asked to leave the house because of our faith in God. We are currently living in a community called Flon in Leogane.

God has sent to me a friend, her name is Kona Shen.  I was a little boy when she was visiting Haiti and saw me and decided to help my mother with my education. Thanks to her, I am part of Haiti Scholarships family.

I would like to become a doctor in the future. When I become Surgeon, I will find a job in the hospital  and help children in the street, feed them and put them in school.

Thank you Haiti Scholarships for all your support. I am praying for you so you continue the program. I will ask my God to bless all people who are donating for the students to have a better future.

Mathelier ODIGER (“Loulou”)

Would you like to sponsor a student?  Contact our Executive Director, Alexandra Armstrong, for details.  A yearly sponsorship is only $300.  Get a group of friends or co-workers together and raise the money together!

Student in Focus: Nelzida Petit-Frere


My name is Nelzida Petit-Frere.  I was born in September 14th, 2003 in Haut Mithon Leogane, Haiti and I am living in the same community. I am 14 years old. My mother’s name is Nelia Lovince, she is a seamstress and my father’s name is Franckel Petit-Frere, he is a gardener. I have four brothers and one sister. My parents have five children together, four boys and one girl, just me and I am also the youngest child in the family. My father has another daughter, she is the oldest child of my Dad. My father had her before he was with my Mother and she lives in another community with her mother.

I go to Institution Mixte La Probite de Chatuley and I am in 8th grade. I love going to school and I also enjoy doing the chores, I collect water with my brothers for our family. I like to help my family a lot. I am a great cook, they love the food every time I cook. My favorite meal is rice and bean sauce with mashed vegetables.

I am Christian. I go to church every Saturday. Adventist of the 7th day. I have church on Saturday at 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM, and on Sunday and Wednesday, we have services in the afternoon.

After my secondary studies, I want to become a Nurse because I want to take care of the sick and I would like to be very good at using computer.

Thank you HAITI SCHOLARSHIPS.  My parents and I love you so much and we appreciate your help. When we received the phone call to let us know that I am selected to receive a scholarship from you, we were so happy. I did not have uniform, anything ready for school. My parents did not know what to do to send me to school this year and please do not forget they have four boys to support too and my Father has one more child.

Thank you so much for helping Haitian People. Life in Haiti is not easy here, it’s complicated. Thank you for supporting education.

-Nelzida PETIT – FRERE

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