Student in Focus: Witchline Julien


My name is Witchline JULIEN . I am fourteen years old. I was born on January 8 th , 2002 in Leogane. I am living in Leogane, Haiti .

My mother’s name is Rosemie Saint – Claude, she is from Bainet, Leogane Haiti. My father’s name is Romelo Julien and he is from Leogane. I am living with my mother, my two little brothers and my grand Father in the house, my Mother’s father is blind and I enjoy helping him with everything that he needs.

My brothers are six and two years old and I have one sister that is not my Mother’s child, my father’ s daughter, she is five years old. I have two uncles and three aunts.

My parents are married, they have three children together. My father is a Catholic Christian, my Mother and I go to Baptist Church. I am not a good singer but I sing at church in a choir.

I went to Malaury Kindergarten and my primary school was Wesleyenne to receive my elementary formations. I am at ICMO for my secondary studies, three more school years, then I will be done with secondary studies. I like to go to school.

I have dreams for the future, go to university to learn about medicine because I would love to become a Doctor to take care of people and save lives.

I am a very timid girl who likes to laugh all the time. I like to study, to learn, to collaborate with my neighbors to keep our town clean. One of my favorite things that I like to do is cooking and I always help my Mother prepare a lot of things after school.

In 2010, during the earthquake, I was hit by a fence in my head. I was unconscious for two days. Even after the two days, I was not able to open my eyes. I had stayed at CDC hospital for two weeks. My Mother said that the Doctor wanted to cut my right ear because it was separated by the blocks. I could talk to people again four days later. That was a big tragedy. Thanks God, I am alive today. I have scars in my head, my ear and my forehead.

I want to take this moment to thank you Haiti Scholarships for your economic support that you are providing to me. My family has four children in total to take care of, three to send to school now, and your contribution is very important. You are messengers from God to the students of Leogane and you have been doing a great job. I am very lucky to have you helping. Thank you so much Donors for youdonations. Our schools have been paid because you have donated and please never stop donating because you are helping changing life here in Haiti.

Thank you for reading my story!

I love you so much and I know that my Lord will fill you with blessings!

Witchline Julien


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Student in Focus: Ertha Baptiste

Hi Everybody,

My name is Ertha BAPTISTE. I am nineteen years old. I am living in Leogane but not from here. I was born on April 9th , 1997 in a city called Jeremie. My mother’s name is Velie TOUSSAINT. My father is Wilson BAPTISTE. My parents are not married and living together in Jeremie. They have been living together for a very long time and they have eight children, four boys and four girls. I am their fifth child.

I have three sisters, four brothers and a niece. I am a Catholic Christian. My parents are not religious.

I was eight years old when my parents were visiting a friend in Leogane, the daughter of my mother ‘s neighbor. My parents decided to leave without me. I did not want to stay, I cried a lot. They told me that I am staying with their friend in Leogane. I cried so much but I had no other choice.

They have been very nice to me. They have two children, two boys. They love me like their own children.

I am living with six people.

I like them very much too because they have been taking care of me since I was eight and they are the ones who gave to me the opportunity to go to school. And you can imagine what are the feelings that you have when you are going to school for the very first time of your life. Yes, I was happy.

My first primary school was a Catholic school , it’s called Saint – Rose de Lima de Leogane for six years. I went to that school every afternoon. One of my sisters who was living somewhere in Leogane went to the same school as me. And I will never forget what happened to us January 12th, 2010.

The other students were teasing us and we did not want to sit down on the benches on that day, they were pushing us, there were no room for us, we were standing up. When the ground was shaking, we ran out very fast. And the building was very big and it was totally collapsed. We were crying and asking God to save us, some people under the rubble were crying too, we could not do anything to help them, we had no tools for demolition. We saw lots of blood, lots of dead bodies at the school, in the streets.

We lost three of the Nuns, one was the Mother Superior, three people that were working in the kitchen and more than twenty nine students. That was a tragic event and we still can not explain exactly what really happened.

Then I went to Lycee Anacaona for my secondary studies every morning for two years. I was not too good for that school, they did not keep me at that school. I have been going to Institut Maison – Oeuvre de Leogane for two years, I am in Second.

After my secondary studies, I would like to go to nursing school to become a nurse. And you know that I need you help and support. Everything is possible with you HAITI SCHOLARSHIPS and you Donors. Please do not be discouraged, your work is very appreciated here. And I will pray the Lord to give you more opportunity.

May God bless you!


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