Student in Focus: Mackensmy Edourd



My name is Mackensmy EDOUARD. I am four years old. I live in Chatuley. I am living with my mother Louise Thomas, my father Wilner Edouard, and my little brother Darlens Edouard. I have no sister. My mother and father have two children.

I go to Jim Mahar Kidergarten school in Chatuley. I enjoy going to school there. I am on vacation now, I am going to be in my third kindergarten school year and I do not know when my school will open. I like my teachers very much because they play with the students. Their names are Madame Lovely and Madame Marie Jose.

Madame Lovely likes to send me to the blackboard to write a, e, i, o, 0, 1,2 3, 4 and 5. That is all I know about the letters and numbers.

I know how to sing very well and dance with my friends Fleuranville Yverline, Lazard and Jean Fernando, etc…

I want to say thank you to the people that are helping my family to pay for my education.

Louise Thomas, the mother:

Mackensmy was born in October 17 th , 2011 in Leogane, Haiti. He likes to share with us what he has learned in school. They teach French class and English class at his school. And he always says: ‘’Maman, Je veux de l’eau s’il vous plait’’ , ‘’Je veux faire pipi’’ ( Mother, I want water please’’ , I want to pee’’ ). He is very intelligent.

This country has so many people, parents that have children but not having the means to support their children. And we have this wonderful organization to help us.

We pray for you every day and will never stop thanking each of you.

Thank you so much! May the Lord bless you!


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Student in Focus: Marlene Saint – Elus

2016 Marlene saint Elus


I am Marlene Saint – Elus. I am twenty six years old . I was born in Thomonde, which is located in the Central Department of Haiti. I live in Santo, Leogane Haiti.

My mothers ’s name was Rosette Desir, she was fifty two years old. She died on December 7th , 2015 in Thomonde. She had four children : two girls and two boys . My mother lost one of her boys who was living in Dominican Republic in a motorcycle accident in January 2015. A few months later, I lost my mother in the same year.

My father’s name is Jean-Claude Saint – Elus. He is fourty eight years old. He has five children : two girls and three boys , in total I have six step siblings because my father and mother only had me together . I am my dad’s first child and the third of my mom.

Since I was seven month, I lived with my grand mother, my father’s mother. I was in 9eme ( Secondary ) and my mom and dad could not afford paying school. I was going to stop going to school. And my mother called my brother that was living in Port – au – Prince to ask for help. And I was sent to Port- au-Prince to experience another life. I stayed there living with my brother and his family. He has three children. So, six people were living in the same house. Two years later, we could not get along. I left my brother’s house to come live here in Leogane with my uncle.

I am living with four people : my uncle, his wife and his grandson and granddaughter. And I have been living with them for three years.

I did not go to kindergarten school. I was sent to Ecole Methodiste Wesleyenne when I was six for my primary studies. And I went to many other schools for my secondary studies. And I am now in ENRAF ( Ecole Normale Rubert A. Ferdinand ) a vocational school in Leogane. I am still in school because HAITI SCHOLARSHIPS has been doing a PRECIOUS job here in Haiti, helping children and youth with their education. I will graduate next year. Please DONORS, NEVER STOP DONATING.

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This is the story of my life. Thank you for reading it!

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