Student in Focus: Augustin Tony Junior

By Augustin Tony Junior. 

Hello ,

My name is Augustin Tony Junior. I was born in May 27 th , 1990. I am

twenty six years old. My story is not very long. I was born in Sainte-

Croix Hospital, in Leogane. I am living in Haiti.
I have two brothers and one sister. My sister and I had the

same father, his name was Antonio Augustin. He died when I was one

year old. My brothers also lost their father too. My mother’s name is

Marie Miquete Saint-Hubert, she is from Leogane. She does not have a

husband to help her. I am living with three people.

I have two nephews. My sister is pregnant, the Doctor said that she will

give birth to a baby girl, maybe I ‘ll have a niece soon, by the end of this

week or next week. I have two Aunts and three uncles.

My kindergarten school was New Mission de Leogane. After that, I went

to college Lumiere de Leogane for Primary studies and I am now in

Maison-Oeuvre in Chatuley, in new Secondary 1.

We always have activities in our school every May 1 st . This year we had

it again, it’s called ‘’Manje Kreyol’’ which means Creole Food. We

invited reporters from the local radio stations and some students from

other schools.

We cooked Haitian rice with beans, vegetables; we made chocolate,

coffee; papaya and cherry juice and other tropical fruit juice. That was

one of the best day of this year.

On May 17 th , we also organized a community event in Leogane, we had

the authorization to do that from the Mayor’s office. We cleaned the

city. When we have community events, everyone has to wear the

school’s shirts or t-shirts and blue jeans.

I like Haiti scholarships ’s program very much. I stop going to school

after the earthquake, two reasons : school was closed and my mother

was not ready to pay school for me. Emmanuel Jean and I had the

chance to volunteer with Jim Mahar for All Hands Volunteers and this

man is a good person . I remember the meeting that we had with Junior

and Smith to create this program for Haitian students in Leogane.

Tony JA 1 Tony JA 2


Why I Donate: Laura Burns

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I donate each month to Haiti Scholarships because I truly believe my money is going to support a worthy cause.  Not only do I know most of the board members, but I also personally know several of the students who are benefitting from this program.  When I volunteered in Haiti years ago, I was touched deeply by how wonderful the Haitian people are, and how strong they were in the face of such horrible tragedy and poverty.  Haiti Scholarships allows dedicated, hard-working young people from Haiti to pursue their dreams, and operates with very low overhead costs, so you know your money is going directly to help those in need.  And the monthly donor feature makes it easy for me to donate and track my donations each year, and helps provide Haiti Scholarships with a steady source of donations each month.  I am so grateful that I can contribute to such a great cause!

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Student in Focus: Cassard Mackenley

By Cassard Mackenley and Elistin Sherline.



My name is Cassard Mackenley.

I am six years old. I am living with my mom and my God Mother.

My mother’s name is Elistin Sherline. My father’s name is Cassard Mackenson. My mother has four children. I have one sister and three brothers. My school name is Jim Mahar de Leogane. It is in Chatuley. I can write the letters and numbers very well. I like to go to school. I like to play with my friends Annie, Estael and Bony.


Mother speaking:

My boy was born in April 2010 in Leogane.

His father did not help during my pregnancy . And after the baby was born, he only made his birth certificate. He does not do anything for him. Sometimes, we got up very early to go to the school when I don’t money to pay a taxi. I spent 60 Gourdes on motorcycle taxi every day.

He was at Winnie Lourson school for his first kindergarten school year and he went to Jim Mahar for his second. I paid for his second year at Jim Mahar’s school. And this year, I was wondering where I was going to find money for his school. And I was very surprised when the Director told me that I do not have to pay, an organization will. The school also provided books for the students as well.

I just learned the name of the organization while telling the story. I thank you so much for what you did for son and I pray the Mighty God so He can give you money to help the population in need of Haiti. Thank you so much Haiti Scholarships.

cassard 3cassard2May the Lord protect you all! And We love you so much! The Donors are fantastic!