Student in Focus: Dieunel Desir

By: Dieunel Desir and Berlyne Bien-Aime.

Hello everybody,

Please read my little story!

My name is Dieunel Desir. I am twenty three  years old. I am Haitian. I am from La Gonave, Haiti. I am living in Leogane, Haiti. And I am a tall Haitian boy.

I have three brothers and four sisters, but I am living with six people in my house. My father’s name is Dieucel Desir and he has another wife, so he does not live with me. My mother’s name is Marie-Kettely Plaisimond. She is a very pretty Haitian woman and I love her so much. She is very  strong and courageous. I am sure you will see what I mean when you see her picture. My family is so nice, adorable, and they like to help each other.

I am in Rheto in College Salomon Roosevelt. I will have official exam for the Ministry of Education in June. I wake up at six A.M every morning to go to school at 8 A.M, come back home at 2 P.M. And most of the time, when my mother does not have money to pay a moto taxi, it takes me about 25 minutes to walk to the school.

I am the committee ‘s vice – President of my class. We are planning a very big party at the beach for this month,  May 30th, at Petit Paradis beach, Grand – Goave, Haiti. We will have people dancing, singing, telling jokes, eating competition, etc…We will play soccer since it is my favorite sport. We will have lots of fun!

You know a little bit who I am. One more thing that you need to know if you do not hear from me is that I like to plant and I will be absolutely an agronomist for sure.

I am telling you I really need your support and help with the scholarship to finish Secondary school, then go to College.

HAITISCHOLARSHIP is AWESOME, you doing the best thing ever: Helping people in need to go further  in life with ‘’EDUCATION’’.

DONORS, you are very INCREDIBLE.

Thank you so much!!!

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