Student In Focus: Onelson Vernelus

By: Onelson Vernelus and Berlyne Bien-Aime

Hi Haiti Scholarships Members ,

It is a pleasure for me to share with  you a little story  of my life.  My name is Onelson Vernelus. I am twenty years old.  I am from Leogane, Haiti. I have lived in Leogane city all my life. I am living in Cite Napoleon.

My mother’s name is Marie Rosilia Clercide and my father’s name is Wilfrid Vernellus. I have four brothers and two sisters. I am the third child of  seven children.  My family members are very polite, nice and quiet people. I have always enjoyed staying with then. I love my mother a lot. I am living with my mother  and siblings in a very populated area in Leogane.

My school’s name is College Coeur du Christ and I am in Rheto.  I am right – handed.

I go to school on foot because my parents can not afford the transportation fees . I have to wake up early if I want to arrive at the school on time.  And it takes  about  25 to 30 minutes to walk to the school.

My native language is Creole and I also speak French quite well. I understand some English. I love languages.  I like to play soccer with my  older brother and friends.

I feel also proud to say that Haiti Scholarships  has been helping me a lot for many years and I do not  know in what grade I would be if  I did not  get a scholarship. Thank you to the Staff of  Haiti Scholarship for thinking  of  Haitian childrens education and I can not forget the  Donors: we love you because you are amazing and keep helping us and may God bless you.

After I finish my secondary school,  I would love to go to University to  learn how to become a Doctor. This is a big dream, right?

I would like to go to an English Institute too for English Class to be able to communicate with people from  foreign  countries.

I  also want to share with you a project that my friend Pierre Jean Anderson, myself and my brother Wiltho Vernelus, have  in common for our community: every year in December, we want to do this: clean our zone, streets, make decorations, make it beautiful.  Getting power, chairs, paints, GJ, gifts for the children to make them feel what Christmas means.  Sharing food with everyone, etc…..

Thank you for reading my story!

 A big thank you to Onel for sharing his story, and to Berlyne for facilitating this for us and taking the picture.  We hope you are as excited as we are to get to know our students a little better.  And what a great idea for Christmas!  Not to mention, Onel’s BIG dream of becoming a doctor.  If you want to help Onel accomplish either of these, let us know so we can make them a reality!