Carnaval in Haiti

Contributed by one of our scholarship applicants, Onel Dossou.

A little bit stories about carnaval in Haiti.
Carnaval in Haiti is a time to meet together, and to sing,to dance,to enjoy.
It is a period for society accept who ever the type of people can come to celebrate together, even if you are politician or christian, you understand the period of carnaval.  The period of carnaval is national party and we can meet people from all over the world!
Carnaval is celebrated for three days.  The name of the days celebrated are: dimanch gra, lindi gra, madi gra. Haitian society accept almost the type of the behavior, even if you are voodoo or christian you can make sacrifice or to show  and to make pleasure in staff.
Some people use the date like a vacation: for exemple to see their families or to visit some friends.
Every year they have a term for the carnaval, like this year the term of the carnaval is “ayiti ap dekole!” The term of the carnaval has a big significance for the Haitian politician,the way the group sing and the way they sing, the way they are, so it will be very important for politician.
It is a short time to enjoy and to dance!
The time of the carnaval is very important for Haitian economics also: a lot of sellers in the area make money and lot of floats!

Photos courtesy of Anika Anand.