What Were Our Students Up To Last Semester?

I’m sure most of you are curious as to where donations go.  So, with that in mind, here are some updates on some of the students our donor’s have helped to put in school.

  • Pierre Darline and Emmanuel Elianise both took cooking courses along with their regular courses, and thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make healthy salads and cake.  I’m sure we can all agree these are two crucial recipes!
  • Rose Samalia really enjoyed her chemistry class.  As a hopeful nursing student, she understands the importance of this course for her future studies.
  • Marie Helene loved learning about geology, and being able to know about different rocks and ground formations.
  • As for Pierre Maudeline, Pierre’s favorite subject last semester was Haitian History: “it is important as a Haitian to know all the history of Haiti.”
  • Richmond Saintelmy learned how to lay tile at his trade school last semester.  This was huge for Saintelmy, who wants to get a job in this line of work in the future.

Some words from our students:

“I don’t know how to thank you, the donors, who gave me the possibility to go to school, because without your help I would not have the possibility to go to school.” -Pierre Darline

“Happy New Year to all the donors! God Bless You!” -Rose Samalia

“I thank you so much because you chose to help me go to school…I know I cannot pay you for that, but God will help you in every thing you are doing so that you can continue to help others who are in need.” -Emmanuel Elianise

“I wish happy new year to all the donors who are helping me go to school, I say thank you to all of you who make my scholarship possible, without you I won’t have the possibility to go to school.” -Marie Helene

“With the help you give to Haiti Scholarships, more kids and young adults will have the possibility to go to school, and those people will help other people go to school in the future, after they finish their education.” -Pierre Maudeline

And from all of us here at Haiti Scholarships: THANK YOU!



Remember how cool it was in elementary school to give and get Valentine’s?  You’d beg your mom to buy you the coolest ones, the ones that had stickers and the whole nine yards.  And you’d look forward to whatever DIY craft your teacher came up with that year for your valentine “mailbox.”  The only one I clearly remember making was a huge heart pocket, made out of red construction paper, with pink yarn used to close up the sides.

Well, who says big kids can’t have fun still?  Here at Haiti Scholarships, we’re allowing you to re-live the glory days, while also helping our students register for classes.  In exchange for a minimum $20 donation, we’ll send you 5 handmade valentines, which you can share with your closest friends.  Imagine the joy of: 1) your adult friend getting a valentine in the mail, just like the old days; and 2) students in Haiti knowing they’ll be able to enroll or stay in school.  Talk about a win-win!

So, what kind of valentines are we talking here?  Nothing fancy, but they’re made by yours truly, with LOL (according to my mom, this means “lots of love”).

Just click on the “Donate” button to the right, and donate at least $20.00.  Then send an email to haitischolarships@gmail.com with your mailing address.  A few disclaimers: orders will be taken up to and including February 10, 2012; colors and patterns may vary; free shipping within the US only (sorry!).

A huge thank you to Jeff Armstrong for donating his photography skills 🙂