Meet: Lamarre

Lamarre is 23 years old, and lives in Leogane, Haiti.

Lamarre occupies his time by volunteering with Resilience International, by translating, teaching English and French, teaching older people how to read, and training people in his community about hygiene.  Lamarre also helps with different activities in his community, such as the church and youth club.

What is Lamarre’s hope for Haiti?

“My hope is to see a new Haiti, to see one day that Haiti is developed in all aspects: economic, social, cultural, political, etc.  In order to develop Haiti, we need to know how to develop a country: what are the main things we need to start first.”  And his plan for Haiti?  “To see a nice Haiti, a new Haiti, where you can find employment, where you find security, where everybody can go to school, where you can see good places, where you find health care, where there is no trash, where every body wants to live in, where you find big companies, big industries that are producing in the country, where you find good roads, etc.  To achieve that, I need people who have the desire, people who are committed, and people who love Haiti: the first step is to love Haiti.”

“After studying, I will convince other people about the importance of developing Haiti and put them together to see how everybody can be part of the development of Haiti.”


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Christmas in Haiti

By Lamarre Presuma

Christmas is a feast that celebrates all over the world every year. Some country celebrate it the same way, some others celebrate it in a different way.
In Haiti, Christmas is very good because everybody does a preparation for it. In Creole they call it “TONTON NWEL” meaning “Uncle Christmas”.
Some Haitians  celebrate it as Jesus birthday. Every big stores and companies always give bonus for that feast and they always organize a  drawing,  if the people who participate in that drawing win they probably receive things such as: car, motorcycle, television, telephone etc.
Some of singers prepare songs for the Christmas period and in December 24th there is a competition for them to see who prepares nice song and who sings best. The one who sings and prepares best for Christmas period will receive a great gift.
During that period , each member of   any  families  has  a feeling to enjoy and to meet together to celebrate the Christmas period even if they are far or outside the country they want to come and see each other.
The December 24th is very special, so families, boyfriends, girlfriend meet together to drink, to dance, to enjoy and to give nice jokes.
Finally, Christmas is a hot period in Haiti; it’s the greatest feast in Haiti. Everybody appreciates it, Admires it, the Creole name that they give to December 24th is “REVEYON” Meaning Christmas Eve, in other words stay all night to enjoy the Christ.
A huge thank you to Lamarre for contributing this piece for our blog.  Lamarre is one of our applicants for next semester.  If you want to help him, and others like him, please click on the donate button on the right!