A new podcast !

We are teaming up with our good friends at BonaResponds to provide an audio podcast called HaitianHappenings.   It will have information about what is Happening in Haiti (hence Haitian Happenings 😉 ), talks with Haitians, volunteers, NGO leaders, school principals, and most importantly students who we (you!) have helped provided scholarships for.

Our hope is to have a new show every week.  It will be a great way to keep in touch with Haiti, find out ways you can help, and hear how your donations are making an impact.

Here is what BonaResponds had to say about the new podcast when they announced it last night. :

HaitianHappenings Podcast:

Welcome to the BRAND NEW HaitianHappenings podcast. It is brought to you by HaitiScholarships (http://HaitiScholarships.org) and BonaResponds (BonaResponds.org) (paid for by an anonymous outside donor so your donations were not used).

The purpose of the podcast is to give people a sense of what is happening in Haiti and to be able to follow their donations to see how they are helping Haitians.

We will try to do a different podcast weekly (maybe more, maybe less) depending on time and interest.

Kicking off the podcasts will be today’s interview with Jean Kendy Estimphil of Leogane Haiti. I had the pleasure of meeting Jean Kendy last year in Haiti and he has helped both BonaResponds and HaitiScholarships immensely both in translation, being our person on the ground for distribution of supplies (the link is a set of pictures).

Listen here:




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Words of thanks from our current students

From Emmanuel:

“During this year every thing was good for me. Teachers, students I did have any trouble with them I took my blood to understand every thing so this year I spent a good year of I went to school every day I mean from Monday to Friday. Last June I went to state exam so I’m waiting for the result so that I can go in a new class when school is going to be started.

I should tell you Haiti Scholarship help me so much with my school tuition this year because my family could not help me paying my school fee.

I don’t know which word I have to use to say thank you to every one who accepted to contribute so that many students in Haiti could go to school.”

From Rose Somalia:

“This year my school was so good, I took the note, I made exam in my school and I went to state exam so now I’m waiting for the result from states in this month the results are going to be published. I’m sure I will pass that exam.

I’m my school the teachers teach us the good thing, they take time to explain us every thing so that I can understand every thing. If I don’t understand some they explain it to me again.

One thing I want to mention my school is a concrete building so sometimes I’m afraid because I don’t know when the earthquake is going to happen so it’s the reason why I’m afraid of my school.

I say thank you to Haiti Scholarship and to every body who chose to help me the way they could that is a good opportunity for me because it helps to pay my tuition.”

From Tony Junior:

“First I say thank you to everybody who contributed for this program could be realized.

This year I spent a good year of school. Every thing was good I think this year was one of my best years of school for me. I did not have any trouble with any teacher, my class mate and the staff of direction.

I did all my exam in my school so I passed them that was so good for me because I made some effort to be one of the best students in my class room.

Thank you to Haiti Scholarship which chose to help Haiti through education.”

From Darlian:

“To day is a good opportunity for me because I can explain to the staff of Haiti scholarship and the donors how the school was for me that year.

This year was one of the best years of school I know in my life because my school paid. I did not have any trouble with the direction.

For 2010 -2011 I had to three exam in my class and for states as you know I’m in Rheto it’s the class before terminal class then I will have the result at the end of this month I think.

The school was so good, I had some sight seeing I went to Saint Marc it’s an area in Haiti. It was good day for me.

I thank every body who collected to help me to go school this year without any difficulty.”

In case it isn’t clear from our students: THANK YOU to all of our donors, past, present and future. We simply cannot do this without your help. Every dollar you send goes directly to a student’s school to pay tuition or registration for their school year, and what a difference this makes in their lives!

Emmanuel at school

Practicing lessons!