Flip book showing the applicants for this year’s scholarships

We have several donors that have come forward to pay for a few of the students, but many more are still waiting.  We’d LOVE your help.  Make a donation.  Put a student in school!  $1 a day.  You probably waste that much on hundreds of things.

Haiti Back to School Days!

Will you help us put over 20 aspiring students in classes this Fall?

The school year is right around the corner, and we really need your help in order to get all of our applicants in classrooms.

In the month of August, gather your friends and/or family for a beach BBQ, a game night, or any other gathering, and ask them each to pitch in between $15-$20 to help support an aspiring student in Haiti.  As the saying goes, “Many hands make the load lighter.”  The more people you can get involved, the less each need to pitch in to reach $300 (the average cost of one full year of tuition and registration).

Want to know who you, your friends and family will be supporting?  Check out a small background on each of our applicants: 2011 Fall Applicants

So how can you help?

1) Talk to your friends and family about Haiti Scholarships

2) Let them know who they’ll be helping

3) Pick a date for your event, and invite your friends and family

4) Let others know what you’re doing: email us at haitischolarships@gmail.com, and post some details about your event on facebook: maybe you’ll inspire others to do the same!

5) On the day of event, you can either have friends and family make a check out to Haiti Scholarships, or collect money and write one check to send to Haiti Scholarships.

6) Enjoy spending time with friend and family!

Meet Yeyene

The next in our series on meet the applicants for a scholarship is Yeyene.  She is a ninth grader who wants to be a doctor when she “grows up”.

A future Haitian Doctor

Quote: “My goal is to go to school and finish my secondary school. When I finish I would like to go in a university and learn doctor. When I finish I’m going in help other people in my country with health and education. This scholarship will help me a lot because my parents could not help me to pay my school now Haiti scholarship will help me to concretize my goal.”

You can help Yeyene reaching her goal!  $20 USD a MONTH is all it takes to get her into school.    About 67 cents a day.  Less than a fifth of a gallon of gas.

Meet the Students: Altine

Altine is 21 years old, currently in the 11th grade.  Altine wants to be an attorney, and has good reasons why:

“Law is so important in a country, if someone does not respect the law, that can be a problem and he can be a victim then I want to teach the population how to practice the law and teach them the importance of the law in a country.  Everybody has a dream, as I said before, I want to be a lawyer so that I can defend the victims in my country.”

If you can’t personally sponsor Altine, in the next few days we’ll be posting ideas on how you can still help out.

And don’t forget, only three days left to join us on Twitter, Facebook, or our Newsletter, and get entered to win a mask from Leogane, Haiti!

Meet the Students: Linda

A choir member and volunteer in her community, Linda wants to become a nurse so she can continue to help her community.  Like many people in Haiti, Linda understands the importance of obtaining an education, and the difficulties in attaining it:

“All over the world education is one of the needs the most priority and it is a need people can not neglect because it’s so important in a society.  Education in a country is the life of this country because without education a country can not develop and go forward then a country without education is a dead country.  For me education has a lot of importance because if someone is not educated there is a lot of things he can not do and he can not know; when someone is educated he can do a lot of things and everything can be easier for him.

I know I cannot [go to nursing school] by myself but with this project Haiti Scholarships I can do whatever project I would like to realize…Helping a country with education is something every body in that country has to give a lot of importance.  Education is the base of development, without educated people a country can not go forward.”

Will you help Linda?