Student in Focus: Augustin Tony Junior

By Augustin Tony Junior. 

Hello ,

My name is Augustin Tony Junior. I was born in May 27 th , 1990. I am

twenty six years old. My story is not very long. I was born in Sainte-

Croix Hospital, in Leogane. I am living in Haiti.
I have two brothers and one sister. My sister and I had the

same father, his name was Antonio Augustin. He died when I was one

year old. My brothers also lost their father too. My mother’s name is

Marie Miquete Saint-Hubert, she is from Leogane. She does not have a

husband to help her. I am living with three people.

I have two nephews. My sister is pregnant, the Doctor said that she will

give birth to a baby girl, maybe I ‘ll have a niece soon, by the end of this

week or next week. I have two Aunts and three uncles.

My kindergarten school was New Mission de Leogane. After that, I went

to college Lumiere de Leogane for Primary studies and I am now in

Maison-Oeuvre in Chatuley, in new Secondary 1.

We always have activities in our school every May 1 st . This year we had

it again, it’s called ‘’Manje Kreyol’’ which means Creole Food. We

invited reporters from the local radio stations and some students from

other schools.

We cooked Haitian rice with beans, vegetables; we made chocolate,

coffee; papaya and cherry juice and other tropical fruit juice. That was

one of the best day of this year.

On May 17 th , we also organized a community event in Leogane, we had

the authorization to do that from the Mayor’s office. We cleaned the

city. When we have community events, everyone has to wear the

school’s shirts or t-shirts and blue jeans.

I like Haiti scholarships ’s program very much. I stop going to school

after the earthquake, two reasons : school was closed and my mother

was not ready to pay school for me. Emmanuel Jean and I had the

chance to volunteer with Jim Mahar for All Hands Volunteers and this

man is a good person . I remember the meeting that we had with Junior

and Smith to create this program for Haitian students in Leogane.

Tony JA 1 Tony JA 2


Why I Donate: Laura Burns

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Student in Focus: Cassard Mackenley

By Cassard Mackenley and Elistin Sherline.



My name is Cassard Mackenley.

I am six years old. I am living with my mom and my God Mother.

My mother’s name is Elistin Sherline. My father’s name is Cassard Mackenson. My mother has four children. I have one sister and three brothers. My school name is Jim Mahar de Leogane. It is in Chatuley. I can write the letters and numbers very well. I like to go to school. I like to play with my friends Annie, Estael and Bony.


Mother speaking:

My boy was born in April 2010 in Leogane.

His father did not help during my pregnancy . And after the baby was born, he only made his birth certificate. He does not do anything for him. Sometimes, we got up very early to go to the school when I don’t money to pay a taxi. I spent 60 Gourdes on motorcycle taxi every day.

He was at Winnie Lourson school for his first kindergarten school year and he went to Jim Mahar for his second. I paid for his second year at Jim Mahar’s school. And this year, I was wondering where I was going to find money for his school. And I was very surprised when the Director told me that I do not have to pay, an organization will. The school also provided books for the students as well.

I just learned the name of the organization while telling the story. I thank you so much for what you did for son and I pray the Mighty God so He can give you money to help the population in need of Haiti. Thank you so much Haiti Scholarships.

cassard 3cassard2May the Lord protect you all! And We love you so much! The Donors are fantastic!

Student in Focus: Emmanuel

By Emmanuel Jean and Berlyne.

Haiti Scholarships Emmanuel 2016

Hello ,

My name is JEAN Emmanuel. I am nineteen years old. I have a very complicated life and story. I was born in Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince on the 14th of February 1994. I lived in Port-au-Prince for ten years. I have three brothers and one sister. My mother’s name is Alfred Cervina, she is from Cap-Haitien and living in Leogane. My father’s name was Dubisson Jean, he was from Cap – Haitien too, but we were all living in Cite Soleil. My father was very tall and he was a scrap – iron merchant.

One day, my dad and I went to buy paints for his business. I was about to turn nine years old and Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide was President of Haiti. And my Dad was killed by a group of bandits with ballets in the street. And I was kidnapped for one month. I saw other children in the car. My mother thought that I was killed too with my dad.

They did not kill the children. I was lost when released because I did not know how to get back home. And the kids and I were walking in the streets without knowing where we were going.

One day, I was lucky to be found by my mother’s sister in the street in P-au-P. And she took me with her. She was living in P-au-Prince and telling me that many houses in Cite Soleil were burnt , including mine. And my mom left the Capital to come live in Leogane. And my mom was very happy when my aunt told her about me. I stayed in the Capital for years with my aunt.

I was twelve years old when I came to live in Leogane with my mother. That was a very difficult time for my family. We had to rebuild a small house.

My first Secondary school was College Wesner Ovide. And I am now in Chretien Emmanuel de Leogane in Second. Two more years to finish my secondary studies. After school, I would like to learn Network technics and audio visual.

January 10th, 2010. An earthquake happened in Haiti. Everyone was home, everyone ran outside, I only hit my foot and we were safe. And our second house was destroyed again.

I was doing volunteer work with All Hands Volunteers. And of the volunteers was Alexandra Armstrong. I can not never forget the day that Alexandra was meeting with me and Tony to discuss about a scholarship project for students in Haiti. And she has been helping us with school ever since. I am still in school in 2016 because Haitischolarships exists and has been doing an incredible work for this country. Christa Pettis, Jim Mahar and Jessica, I will never forget how you contributed to my story. And they could never be able to continue with this project without the Donors. I love you so much HAITI SCHOLARSHIPS AND DONORS!

Everyday, my mother prays for Haiti Scholarships’ members, asking to protect you and bless you. In the future, I hope that I will find the opportunity, possibility and capacity to give back to you so you can help many students in Haiti.

Thanks for reading my story.


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Student in Focus: Pierre Wilby

By Pierre Wilby and Berlyne Bien-Aime



Here is my short story. Please read it!

My name is Pierre Wilby. I am twenty six years old. I am from Petite – Anse, La Gonave, Haiti. I live in Belval, Leogane. I am living with four people. My mother ‘s name is Weseline Charles. My father’s name is Dieula Pierre. My mom and my dad are living in La Gonave. My mother has eight children in total and my father has three children. They have three children together and I am the third one. I have

eight brothers and one sister.

I was in Wesleyenne of La Gonave for my primary studies and I came to Leogane for my secondary studies. This academic year, 2015-1016, I am in philo at College Phare of Leogane because Haiti Scholarships has been helping me to continue the studies. Because you donate, a lot of Haitian students go to school, they have their school paid. Without your donations, Haitischolarships would not have been able to do this incredible work in Haiti.

Leogane a is pretty town, but I prefer La Gonave. In La Gonave, there are lots of cows, goats and horses.

We have the best watermelon in the country and the world and it is cheap home. You can buy a big melon for fifty or sixty Gourds. And when the watermelons get to Leogane, you will pay one hundred to two hundred Gourds for one big melon, and if you have five Gourdes, you will have a small piece. Williamson is another place in the North of Haiti you can get melon, it is in Archahaie .

La Gonave is an island. Everyone knows how to swim there. If you ever have a chance to visit Haiti, please visit Leogane and La Gonave. You will fall in love with the country for its beautiful , and good people of hospitality.

Before ending my story, please, let me wish you Donors and Haitischolarships Staff members a ‘Merry Christmas 2015 and a Happy new year!’

Thank you for your help!

Haiti Scholarships Pierre Wilby Photo 2015

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Student in Focus: Rose Samalia Saint-Juste

By Rose Samalia Saint-Juste


My name is Rose Samalia Saint – Juste. I am twenty years old. I live on Rue Geoges Kernisant, Leogane, Haiti. I was born and raised in Leogane. My mother’s name is Rose Helene Felix. My father’s name is Lissama Saint – Juste. I am living with six people in the house: my Dad, Mom, one brother, two sisters and my daughter. I was eighteen when I got pregnant accidently. My daughter is two years old now. You know what? She does not call me ‘’Mom’’. She calls my mom ‘’mama’’.

I have two brothers and three sisters. My parents are not married. My dad is a photographer and he has six children in total. I am in Philo at College Emile Saint – Lot of Leogane. My sister Marie Helene and my brother Darlain are in Philo too. Math is a difficult class for girls and it’s a game for my brother. My school is planning a geological tour for December 5th in Leogane with all the students. I am excited to go.

We have been studying, working very hard in school because we understand how much it is hard for you : Haitischolarships to convince and receive money from other people for us. Donors, you should know that your money has been spent correctly in Haiti, I am telling you. You are very AMAZING! WE can not do everything without your help. Thank you so much!

I am in a parade group, it’s called UCL ( Union des Corps de Leogane). We go out in the streets to parade every May 18th for the Flag day.

I am also a catholic Christian. We have a choir in the church, CNDA ( Chorale Notre – Dame de L’ Anonciation ). When they sing, I dance in the front with five other children. And we have about fifty people in it. In 2010, we participated in a ‘song contest’ with sixteen choirs from many different churches. We were the champion. We won the big price ‘’ $ 500 HT ‘’ for the choir. We were very happy.

Yes, this is my story and this is who I am!

Haiti Scholarships Rose Samalia Saint Juste 11282015

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Apparent Project Ornament Fundraiser

2015 Ornament Collage

For the next month or so, we are partnering up with Apparent Project to raise money for them AND for us.  You might remember we did this last year, and it was so much fun spreading these wonderful little pieces of art, that Alex decided to do it again.  This year there are NINE options instead of 7, so even if you bought some last year, you can still add some new ones to your collection! The cost is $8 per ornament, $4 of which goes straight to Haiti Scholarships 2016-2017 scholarship fund, the other $4 goes back to Apparent Project to fund their causes-which are many and very awesome.

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Student in Focus: Fleurome Jean Alex

By Fleurome Jean Alex


Hello ,

My name is Fleurome Jean Alex. I am nineteen years old. My story is very complicated. I was born in a hospital in Carrefour. I have four older sisters and two little brothers and I am living with two of my sisters in Leogane, Haiti.

My mother’s name is Saintine Rose – Marie. Unfortunately, I lost her on November 14th, 2013 from a heart attack. And my mom had two other boys after me. I was her first kid.

After my mom gave birth to me, I was adopted by my father ‘s wife. The name of my father’s wife is Laimilie Moise. She has four children. And I am her fourth child. My father’s name is Fleurome Alexandre. I am his second child and also living in Leogane.

I was sent to school when I was three years old at Le Mignon Kindergarten. I graduated from Kindergarten when I was six. Then I went to Ecole Freres Louis Borno & Institution Toussait Louverture for my Primary studies. For the secondary studies, I was in College Nouveau Surin Eveillard . After the earthquake in 2010, I was in 9th grade. Our school was totally collapsed and life became so hard, we could not go to school, we lost about five months of classes. The unforgettable earthquake!

A friend suggested me to like HaitiScholarships on Facebook. I applied and I was that lucky boy to be selected for a scholarship. I will never stop thanking you Haitischolarship and Donors for your big support to my family.

In Rheto , I was the third laureate for my school with 1005/1800 Points. In Philo, I was the second laureate , 1050/ 1700 points. I was successful. I just finished my Secondary Studies.

Now , it is time to write another chapter in the book of my life. University time! I am going to University this month in Port- au-Prince to learn accounting, and I would like to know about medicine too. Please, continue the donations to change Haitian’s life. May God protect and bless you all!

I am also the Vice-President of a local organization. It is called OPJDK ( Organisation Progressive des Jeunes pour le Development de K-da ), founded on December 24, 2014. We already cleaned a gutter which was filled with bad and dirty stuff in it and it smelled really bad. Each time heavy rain fell, it caused floods and health problems. For our first anniversary, coinciding with Christmas . We want to clean the area and have a Christmas decoration in a part of our neighborhood because we will not have enough decoration for the whole area.

This is the story of a young and very polite Haitian student, sponsored by


Keep up the great work!!! I am Fleurome Jean Alex!

Jean Alex and Berlyne
Jean Alex and Berlyne

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Student in Focus: Yeye Jesumene

By: Yeye Jesumene and Berlyne Bien-Aime.


Here is a part of the story of my life.  Please read it!

My name is Yeye Jesumene. I am twenty-one years old.  I was born in Port-a-Piment, but I am living in Belval, Leogane, Haiti.

My mother’s name is Occilia Metellus and my father’s name is Leonidas Yeye. I have two brothers and two sisters. My parents have five children and I am the third child.  My two sisters are older than me and the two boys are younger. I am living with my mother and my siblings and a niece. I have seven people living in my house.  My father does not live with us. He stays in Port-a-Piment, a city in the South of Haiti. He sometimes comes visit us in Leogane.  If I want to visit my dad, it will cost me five hundred Gourdes, it ‘s so far.

I am in Rheto at College Saint – Jean.  I go to school every day on foot  and it takes  about  25  minutes to get to the school.  I always go at 1 PM – 6 PM.

I would like to switch to the morning because  it is too hot now in Haiti for this academic year : 2015-2016.  And we also have computer class at school.  I am right now on vacation, but I had the final tests in the last week of June.  I have not got the result yet . I know that I will be successful!

Next year, I will be in Philo for sure.

After I finish my secondary school,  I would like to  go to  University to  learn very hard to become a Doctor and Pharmacist . I need your help Donors  to make this dream become true. Haitischolarships  : please never stop! I know you work really hard to pay for my school. I don’t know how many times I have asked  Berlyne to thank you for your big contribution in education. Every day I pray for you.

Maybe now you want to know my religion.  I do have one. I am Christian and I go to Alliance Chretienne Church in Leogane. I am the secretary of Sunday school. I also lead Sunday services . I am a member of the church’s gospel.  Our gospel is called ‘’ La Musica’ .   We always have a concert in July for our anniversary. I love singing.  I love the LORD.

I like sports a lot that why I bought a very big sports book. I like to play soccer and I also practice yoga.

Right now please allow me to take this moment to do one thing: to THANK HAITISCHOLARSHIPS MEMBERS  and DONORS for your efforts. I want to tell you that I love you so much!!!

Thank you


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